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IMACO International Conference 2017
31/10/2017 - 03/11/2017Vientiane
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International Mas Arts and Culture Organization (IMACO) (République démocratique populaire lao)

The 2017 IMACO International Conference will be held from 31st October to 3rd November 2017 in Vientiane, Lao PDR to interact with cultural artists and organizations related to masks for inheritance and development of mask culture and arts. The conference will be co-hosted by International Mask Arts & Culture Organization (IMACO), Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism of Lao PDR, and Kolao Group. Participants are more than 150 people from over 20 countries, and policy forum, academic symposium, general assembly, mask exhibition, and cultural performances will be taken place. The policy forum’s purpose is to find way to safeguarding intangible cultural heritages all over the world, and the topic for the academic symposium is ‘The Current Transmission Status of World Mask Culture and Necessity of the Archive Project’. Currently, thirteen academic symposium speakers from different countries are finalized to give a presentation. IMACO aims to establish close cooperation network system and to propagate the value of the mask culture through the general assembly and the mask exhibition as an accredited NGO by UNESCO. Cultural performances by different countries including Lao PDR, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, China and Republic of Korea will enrich cultural diversity and human creativity as well.

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