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Expedientes (30 Presentado por 25 País o países)

label:state(s) Expediente Tipo de expediente Presentado(s) para el ciclo
Algeria (1) (01899)USL2022
Belarus (1)Negliubka textile tradition of Vetka District Gomel Region (02088)USL2024
Belgium (1)Brussals' rod marionette tradition (02313)RL2025
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) (1)Festival of the Virgin of Urqupiña in Quillacollo, the Ayni and integration of cultures (02094)RL2024
Georgia (1)Tradition of Georgian Supra (feast) (01723)RL2021
Ghana (1)Highlife music and dance (02141)RL2024
Indonesia (2)Culture of Tempe (01970)RL2023
Culture of traditional Tenun (01971)RL2023
Iraq (1)Al-Muhaibis: social practices and traditions associated with it (02244)RL2025
Italy (1)Italian cooking between sustainability and biocultural diversity (02093)RL2024
Kazakhstan (1)Salburyn: Kazakh traditional festival of equestrian hunting with falcons and Tazy greyhound (01904)RL2022
Kyrgyzstan (1)Traditional knowledge and cultural contexts of making Maksym, a traditional Kyrgyz beverage (02123)RL2024
Malaysia (1)Pekan Sari (01900)RL2022
Morocco (2) (01807)USL2021
Mozambique (1)Lamellophones in Mozambique (Mbira/Santse/Kalimba/Chityatya) (01995)USL2023
Nigeria (2)Ito Ogbo Obosi Cultural Festival (01860)RL2022
Ikeji Masquerade Festival (02005)RL2023
Oman (1)Al Razha (01965)RL2023
Paraguay (1)Ñai'ũpo art, ancestral ceramic craftsmanship (02159)USL2025
Tajikistan (1)Traditional folk games of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (01734)
Uzbekistan - Tajikistan
Thailand (1)Phakhaoma, a multifunctional cloth in Thai life (02095)RL2024
Türkiye (2)One master, thousand masters project (01561)2020
Safeguarding of the traditional Handicrafts Programme, Altıneller (Goldenhands) Traditional Handicrats Festivals (02103)2024
Ukraine (1)Embroidery technique 'white-in white' of the town Reshetylivka, Poltava region (02135)RL2024
Uzbekistan (1)Traditional folk games of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (01734)
Uzbekistan - Tajikistan
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (1)Venezuelan Joropo (02092)RL2024
Viet Nam (1)Craft of making Đông Hồ Folk woodblock printings (01737)USL2021
Zambia (2)Siyomboka dance of the Lozi people of Barotseland in Zambia (01963)RL2023
Sipelu traditional dance (02075)RL2024