Reuniones sobre el patrimonio cultural inmaterial organizadas o coorganizadas por la UNESCO

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Safeguarding indigenous heritage and languages through education programmes
10-12-2019Bogota (Colombia)

14a reunión del Comité integubernamental
09/14-12-2019Bogotá (Colombia)

Taller sobre la elaboración de inventarios del patrimonio cultural inmaterial con la participación de las comunidades
24-11-2019/02-12-2019Ramallah (Palestina)

Taller nacional para la aplicación eficaz de la Convención de 2003
17/21-11-2019Ramallah (Palestina)

Taller de capacitación de formadores sobre patrimonio cultural inmaterial para fortalecer la red de facilitadores en los Estados Árabes
04/08-11-2019Oujda (Marruecos)

Capacity-building workshop to raise awareness on the 2003 Convention and the elaboration of inventories
29-10-2019N’Djamena (Chad)

Workshop on ‘Integrating Intangible Cultural Heritage in School-Based Education’
26/29-10-2019Vienna (Austria)

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In January 2019, UNESCO and the European Union launched a new project to strengthen the connections between young people, cultural heritage and education. The project proposes an innovative approach to education by inviting teachers and learners to explore their living heritage and learn not only about it but also with and through it. In close collaboration with the UNESCO Associated Schools in the European Union (ASPnet members), UNESCO will carry out a series of activities to assist schools in identifying and mapping the living heritage present in the school community.

In this context, UNESCO will organize a workshop to explore the use of intangible cultural heritage in school-based learning from 26 to 29 October, in Vienna, Austria. Ten school teams formed by one teacher and one learner – from 11 to 18 years old – will be selected to take part in this pilot edition. During three days, they will learn more about the safeguarding of their living heritage and will develop small innovative projects integrating living heritage within the existing curricula or in extracurricular activities. Following the workshop, the school teams will be invited to implement the pilot projects in their schools with the assistance of UNESCO trained facilitators. In February 2020, the participants will come together again to share the lessons learned from their pilot projects and to formulate recommendations for the guidance materials. A short video documenting the whole pilot project is also foreseen.

Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in formal and non-formal education
07/08-10-2019Paris (Francia)

Patrimonio cultural inmaterial y desarrollo sostenible: Capacitación para facilitadores de Europa
01/03-10-2019Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Taller sobre la preparación de candidaturas y la asistencia internacional
08/12-09-2019Cairo (Egipto)

Séptima reunión anual de los centros de categoría 2 sobre el patrimonio cultural inmaterial
02/03-09-2019Algiers (Argelia)

Subregional meeting in Northeast Asia: ICH in Education: Towards Joint Collaboration for Promoting ICH in Formal and Non-Formal Education
28/29-08-2019Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

Jornadas sobre Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial en Paraguay
19/20-08-2019Biblioteca y Archivo Central del Congreso Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay (el))

2019 Elaboración del inventario del patrimonio cultural inmaterial (PCI) de Tongatapu con la participación de las comunidades
12/16-08-2019NUKUALOFA (Tonga)

Elaboración de inventarios comunitarios del patrimonio cultural inmaterial en Viet Nam
05/09-08-2019Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam)

Taller de elaboración de planes de salvaguardia del patrimonio cultural inmaterial
04/08-08-2019Cairo (Egipto)

Tercera reunión de la Mesa 14.COM
22-07-2019/05-08-2019Consulta electrónica (-)

Capacitación de capacitadores sobre el patrimonio cultural inmaterial - Fortalecer la red de capacitadores en África
09/13-07-2019Algiers (Argelia)

Taller de fortalecimiento de las capacidades sobre el plan de salvaguardia del PCI para el desarrollo sostenible en la República de Corea
01/05-07-2019Jeonju (República de Corea)

Taller de elaboración de inventarios del patrimonio cultural inmaterial con la participación de las comunidades
24-06-2019/05-07-2019Beirut (Líbano)

Salvaguardia del PCI y preparación de inventarios con participación de las comunidades - Capacitación nacional de capacitadores
24/28-06-2019Tirana (Albania)

Sub-regional meeting for ICH safeguarding in South Asia on ICH and education
24/26-06-2019Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Segunda reunión de la Mesa 14.COM
20-06-2019Sede de la UNESCO (Francia)

Intangible cultural heritage of the Silk Roads: Identification and Inventorying in Tajikistan
18/21-06-2019Dushanbe (Tayikistán)

Sub-regional meeting: Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage through formal and non-formal education in Central Asia
18/19-06-2019Bishkek (Kirguistán)

Training of National Trainers Workshop on Developing Safeguarding Plan for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Thailand
17/23-06-2019Chiang Mai (Tailandia)

13th Annual Meeting of the South-East European Experts Network on Intangible CUltural Heritage
16/18-06-2019Cremona (Italia)

Community-Based Inventorying of ICH in Armenia
04/07-06-2019Yerevan (Armenia)

Capacity Building Workshop on the Implementation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention in the Solomon Islands
03/07-06-2019Honiara (Salomón)

Expert meeting on intangible cultural heritage in emergencies
21/22-05-2019UNESCO Headquarters, Paris (Francia)

Intangible cultural heritage of the Silk Roads: Identification and Inventorying in Kyrgyzstan
14/17-05-2019Bishkek (Kirguistán)

From Ratification to Implementation: Pacific Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop held in Nadi
13-05-2019/17-06-2019Nadi (Fiji)

Evento paralelo sobre la Convención UNESCO de 2003 para la Salvaguardia del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial: Oportunidades para los pueblos indígenas
22-04-2019New York (Estados Unidos de America)

Needs assessment for the implementation of the 2003 Convention in Togo
19-04-2019/12-05-2019Lome (Togo)

Taller de elaboración de inventarios del patrimonio cultural inmaterial con la participación de las comunidades
14/23-04-2019Abu Dhabi (Emiratos Árabes Unidos)

3rd Training of trainers workshop for Central Asia
08/12-04-2019Tashkent (Uzbekistán)

Primera reunión de la Mesa 14.COM
21-03-2019Sede de la UNESCO (Francia)

UNESCO awareness-raising workshop in Mogadishu
20-03-2019Mogadishu, Somalia (Somalia)

Taller de capacitación sobre desarrollo participativo de inventarios con comunidades.
19/29-03-2019Moroni (Comoras)

Taller sobre inventario basado en la comunidad de la Convención de 2003
03/12-03-2019El Cairo (Egipto)

Information and exchange session on the provisional upstream dialogue for nominations to be examined in 2019 by the Intergovernmental Committee
01-03-2019París (Francia)

Workshop and advisory services on nomination files to the lists of the 2003 Convention
26/28-02-2019Victoria (Seychelles)

Taller de aplicación de la Convención de 2003 para la Salvaguardia del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial
20/22-02-2019Beirut (Líbano)

Training on inventorying and technical assistance for setting up an inventory framework
13/17-01-2019Khartoum (Sudán)