Elemento La pintura decorativa de Petrykivka, expresión del arte popular ornamental ucraniano (Ucrania)
Inscrito en 2013 (8.COM) en la Lista Representativa del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad
Título EN: Peacocks, Tetiana Yakymivna Pata. 1949. paper, tempera
Título tal como sometido EN: А demonstrative example of рарer ''painting" where the ornamental forms are combined vvith а stylized depiction of fancy biгds. This combination of decoгative elements will become а characteгistic one of the tгade masteгs of the forthcoming geneгations. The author of this work is Т. Уа. Pata being one of the foundeгs of the tгade in the ХХth century.