In line with paragraph 33 of the Operational Directives and under its Decision 17.COM 15, the Committee set the total number of files for the 2024 and 2025 cycles at no more than sixty per cycle.
When establishing the list of files to be treated, the requirement mentioned above is combined with the level of priorities stated in paragraph 34 of the Operational Directives:

  • (0) files from States which had no file treated during the preceding cycle;
  • (i) files from States having no elements inscribed, best safeguarding practices selected, and nominations to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  • (ii) multi-national files; and
  • (iii) files from States with the fewest elements inscribed and best safeguarding practices selected, in comparison with other submitting States during the same cycle.

In addition, in line with Decision 17.COM 15, for the 2024 and 2025 cycles, requests for the transfer of elements from one List to another, the inclusion in the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices of the successful safeguarding experience resulting from a transfer from the Urgent Safeguarding List to the Representative List, requests for inscriptions on an extended or reduced basis will be treated outside the annual ceiling.

The following files will be examined at the nineteenth session of the Committee to be held in November / December 2024:

  • 31 national files under priority (0),
  • 9 files under priority (i), including three files for the Urgent Safeguarding List and six files from States with no inscribed element,
  • 12 multinational files under priority (ii),
  • 9 files under priority (iii),
  • 6 nominations on an extended basis.
  • Total: 67 files
CountriesSubmitted filesLevel of priority
1AlbaniaRLK’cimi dancing of Tropojë (01881)(0) one file for 2023-2024
2AlgeriaRLLe costume féminin de cérémonie dans le Grand Est de l’Algérie : savoir-faire associés à la confection et à la parure de la “Gandoura” et de la “Melehfa” (02139)(0) one file for 2023-2024
3AzerbaijanRLTandir craftsmanship and bread baking in Azerbaijan (02120)(0) one file for 2023-2024
4BelarusRLVytsinanka, the traditional art of paper cutting in Belarus (01954)(0) one file for 2023-2024
5Bosnia and HerzegovinaRLSevdalinka, traditional urban folk song (01872)(0) one file for 2023-2024
6BrazilRLTraditional ways of making Artisan Minas Cheese in Minas Gerais (02102)(0) one file for 2023-2024
7CambodiaRLCultural practices and expressions linked to Krama, a traditional woven textile in Cambodia (02115)(0) one file for 2023-2024
8ChinaRLSpring festival, social practices of the Chinese people in celebration of traditional new year (02126)(0) one file for 2023-2024
9ColombiaRLLiving pictures of Galeras, Sucre (01887)(0) one file for 2023-2024
10Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaRLCustom of Korean costume: traditional knowledge, skills and social practices in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (02096)(0) one file for 2023-2024
11EstoniaRLCooking and eating Mulgi puder, traditional mashed potato with barley in the Mulgimaa region, Estonia (02081)(0) one file for 2023-2024
12FranceRLLes savoir-faire des couvreurs-zingueurs parisiens et des ornemanistes (02105)(0) one file for 2023-2024
13GreeceRLMessosporitissa Festivity (All-holy Mother of God of the Mid-Sowing Season Festivity), Feast of Our Lady at the Ancient Ruins (02101)(0) one file for 2023-2024
14GuatemalaRLTechnique of elaboration of the giant kites of Santiago Sacatepéquez and Sumpango, Guatemala (01991)(0) one file for 2023-2024
15HungaryRLCsárdás dance tradition (01892)(0) one file for 2023-2024
16JamaicaRLPilgrimage to Watt Town, Jamaica (02137)(0) one file for 2023-2024
17JapanRLTraditional knowledge and skills of sake-making with koji mold in Japan (01977)(0) one file for 2023-2024
18KazakhstanRLBetashar, traditional wedding ritual (01746)(0) one file for 2023-2024
19MongoliaRLMongol nomad migration and its associated practices (02091)(0) one file for 2023-2024
20NorwayRLTraditional costumes in Norway, craftsmanship and social practice (02084)(0) one file for 2023-2024
21OmanGSPOman Youth Sail Training Ship (Safinat Shabab Oman) programme for peace and sustainable cultural dialogue (02080)(0) one file for 2023-2024
22PortugalRLPortuguese equestrian art (02079)(0) one file for 2023-2024
23Republic of KoreaRLKnowledge, beliefs and practices related to jang making in the Republic of Korea (01975)(0) one file for 2023-2024
24Saudi ArabiaRLCultural practices related to Taif roses (02089)(0) one file for 2023-2024
25SerbiaRLNaïve painting practices of Kovačica (02104)(0) one file for 2023-2024
26SlovakiaGSPSchool of Crafts ÚĽUV (02107)(0) one file for 2023-2024
27SpainRLAsturian cider culture (01959)(0) one file for 2023-2024
28TunisiaRLLes arts du spectacle chez les ṭwāyef de Ghbonten (01875)(0) one file for 2023-2024
29UkraineGSPSafeguarding practice of kobza and wheel lyre tradition (02136)(0) one file for 2023-2024
30Viet NamRLFestival of Bà Chúa Xứ Goddess at Sam Mountain (01999)(0) one file for 2023-2024
31ZambiaRLMangwengwe dance (01855)(0) one file for 2023-2024
32AfghanistanRLAfghan rubab making and playing (02142)(i) no element inscribed
33CameroonRLLe Ngondo, culte des oracles de l’eau et traditions culturelles associées chez les Sawa (02140)(i) no element inscribed
34GhanaRLCraftsmanship of traditional woven textile Kente (02130)(i) no element inscribed
35GrenadaRLShakespeare Mas’, a traditional component of Carriacou’s annual Carnival (02138)(i) no element inscribed
36MyanmarRLMyanmar traditional New Year Atā Thingyan festival (02085)(i) no element inscribed
37RwandaRLIntore (02129)(i) no element inscribed
38BotswanaUSLWosana ritual and associated practices (02117)(i) nomination for USL
39IndonesiaUSLReong Ponorogo performing art (01969)(i) nomination for USL
40MozambiqueUSLXigubo (01997)(i) nomination for USL
41Afghanistan; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Uzbekistan; TajikistanRLArt of crafting and playing Rubab/Rabab (02143)(ii) multinational nomination
42Belgium; FranceRLCulture foraine (02108)(ii) multinational nomination
43Brunei Darussalam; Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; ThailandRLKebaya: knowledge, skills, traditions and practices (02090)(ii) multinational nomination
44Cuba; Dominican Republic; Haiti; Honduras; Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)RLTraditional knowledge and practices for the elaboration and consumption of cassava bread (02118)(ii) multinational nomination
45Egypt; Saudi ArabiaRLSemsemiah instrument: crafting and playing (02119)(ii) multinational nomination
46Ethiopia; Djibouti; SomaliaRLOral customary laws of Somali-Issa communities in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia (02087)(ii) multinational nomination
47Iran (Islamic Republic of); TajikistanRLCeremony of Mehregan (02144)(ii) multinational nomination
48Norway; SwedenRLSummer farming at fäbod and seter - knowledge, traditions and practices related to the grazing of outlying lands and artisan food production (02109)(ii) multinational nomination
49Türkiye; North MacedoniaRLTraditional bagpipe (Gayda/Tulum) making and performing (02114)(ii) multinational nomination
50Ukraine; EstoniaRLPysanka, Ukrainian tradition and art of decorating eggs (02134)(ii) multinational nomination
51United Arab Emirates; Algeria; Saudi Arabia; Bahrain; Egypt; Iraq; Jordan; Kuwait; Morocco; Mauritania; Oman; Palestine; Qatar; Sudan; Tunisia; YemenRLHenna: rituals, aesthetic and social practices (02116)(ii) multinational nomination
52Uzbekistan; TajikistanRLTraditional folk games of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (01734)(ii) multinational nomination
53Lao People’s Democratic RepublicRLFonelamvonglao (lamvonglao) (02099)1 elements inscribed
54MauritaniaRLL’épopée Samba Guladio (01692)1 elements inscribed
55ParaguayRLGuarania, sound of Paraguayan soul (02128)1 elements inscribed
56Côte d’IvoireRLLes savoir-faire liés à la fabrication de l’Attiéké en Côte d’Ivoire (02086)2 elements inscribed
57PalestineRLTraditional Nabulsi soap making in Palestine (02112)2 elements inscribed
58Syrian Arab RepublicRLCraftsmanship of Aleppo Ghar soap (02132)3 elements inscribed
59ThailandRLTomyum-Kung (01879)3 elements inscribed
60MalaysiaRLMalaysian breakfast culture: dining experience in a multi-ethnic society (02113)4 elements inscribed
61NigeriaRLDurbar in Kano (01895)4 elements inscribed
Not treated under the 2024 cycle
62Georgia1 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle4 elements inscribed
63Kyrgyzstan1 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle6 elements inscribed
64Bolivia (Plurinational State of)1 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle7 elements inscribed
65Morocco2 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle7 elements inscribed
66Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)1 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle7 elements inscribed
67Italy1 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle8 elements inscribed
68Peru1 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle11 elements inscribed
69Iran (Islamic Republic of)1 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle12 elements inscribed
70Türkiye2 national file(s) submitted for 2024 cycle or earlier cycle16 elements inscribed

Files outside the annual ceiling

Submitted filesFile type
1 Afghanistan; Azerbaijan; India; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Iraq; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Uzbekistan; Pakistan; Tajikistan; Türkiye; Turkmenistan Nawrouz, Novruz, Nowrouz, Nowrouz, Nawrouz, Nauryz, Nooruz, Nowruz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nowruz, Navruz (2097) Extension (RL)
2Croatia; Cyprus; France; Greece; Italy; Slovenia; Spain; Switzerland; Andorra; Austria; Belgium; Ireland; Luxembourg Art of dry stone walling, knowledge and techniques (2106) Extension (RL)
3Mali; Burkina Faso; Côte d’Ivoire; IndonesiaCultural practices and expressions linked to Balafon and Kolintang in Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Indonesia (2131) Extension (RL)
4Spain; Italy Manual bell ringing (2100) Extension (RL)
5 Spain; Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Devils of Corpus Christi, Sins and Dancers: a transoceanic brotherhood (2122) Extension (RL)
6United Arab Emirates; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Jordan Arabic coffee, a symbol of generosity (2111) Extension (RL)