Below are the files received by the UNESCO Secretariat for a potential examination in the 2020 cycle. This list includes nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List or Representative List, proposals for the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices and requests for International Assistance greater than US$100,000.

The Committee will examine at least one file per submitting State during the two cycles of 2019 and 2020. It determined the total number of files for these two cycles to be 100 (50 in 2019 and 50 in 2020).

For the 2020 cycle, files are presented below in the order corresponding to Committee Decision 13.COM 15 to have at least one file per submitting State processed over the two cycles of 2019 and 2020, and to the level of priorities stated in paragraph 34 of the Operational Directives:

  • (i) files from States having no elements inscribed, good safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$100,000 approved, and nominations to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  • (ii) multinational files; and
  • (iii) files from States with the fewest elements inscribed, good safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$100,000 approved, in comparison with other submitting States during the same cycle.

The States that do not have a file examined in 2020 will have priority during the 2021 cycle (Decision 13.COM 15).

Countries Submitted files Level of priority
1 AlbaniaGSPNational Folk Festival of Gjirokastra (NFFoGj) - 50 years best practice in safeguarding Albanian intangible heritage (01579)(0) one file for 2019-2020
2 AlgeriaRLLe raï, chant populaire d’Algérie (01275)(0) one file for 2019-2020
3 ArgentinaRLChamame (01600)(0) one file for 2019-2020
4 AzerbaijanRLNar Bayrami, traditional pomegranate festivity (01511)(0) one file for 2019-2020
5 BangladeshRLTraditional art of nakshi kantha embroidery (01588)(0) one file for 2019-2020
6 Bosnia and HerzegovinaRLGrass mowing competition custom in Kupres (01512)(0) one file for 2019-2020
7 CambodiaRLKun Bokator (01382)(0) one file for 2019-2020
8 Central African RepublicIAR+100Le renforcement des capacités pour la sauvegarde et la gestion du patrimoine culturel immatériel en Centrafrique (01615)(0) one file for 2019-2020
9 ChinaRLTaijiquan (00424)(0) one file for 2019-2020
10 CroatiaRLFestivity of Saint Tryphon and the Kolo (chain dance) of Saint Tryphon - traditions of Croats from the Bay of Kotor who live in the Republic of Croatia (01472)(0) one file for 2019-2020
11 CubaRLL’orgue oriental, les savoirs et techniques associés (01482)(0) one file for 2019-2020
12 CzechiaRLHandmade production of Christmas tree decorations from blown glass beads (01559)(0) one file for 2019-2020
13 Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaRLCustom of Korean costume in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (01299)(0) one file for 2019-2020
14 FinlandRLSauna culture in Finland (01596)(0) one file for 2019-2020
15 FranceGSPLa yole de Martinique, de la construction aux pratiques de navigation : un modèle de sauvegarde du patrimoine (01582)(0) one file for 2019-2020
16 GeorgiaUSLWheat culture in Georgia, culture of wheat endemic species and landraces cultivation and utilization in Georgia (01595)(0) one file for 2019-2020
17 GreeceGSPPolyphonic caravan, researching, safeguarding and promoting the Epirus polyphonic song (01611)(0) one file for 2019-2020
18 HungaryRLPottery making tradition in Hungary (01614)(0) one file for 2019-2020
19 JapanRLTraditional skills, techniques and knowledge for the conservation and transmission of wooden architecture in Japan (01618)(0) one file for 2019-2020
20 KazakhstanRLOrteke, Kazakh traditional puppet-musical performing art (01497)(0) one file for 2019-2020
21 MalawiIAR+100Safeguarding of ludodiversity of Malawi through education and community transmission (01498)(0) one file for 2019-2020
22 MaltaRLIl-Ftira, the culinary art and culture of flattened sourdough bread in Malta (01580)(0) one file for 2019-2020
23 MexicoRLFêtes traditionnelles autour de la culture des taureaux, le paradigme de la Foire de mai à Tenabo (01473)(0) one file for 2019-2020
24 NamibiaUSLAixan/Gana/Ob#ANS TSI //Khasigu, ancestral musical sound knowledge and skills (01540)(0) one file for 2019-2020
25 OmanRLOmani khanjar, symbol of national and cultural identity (01485)(0) one file for 2019-2020
26 ParaguayRLPractices and traditional knowledge of Terere in the culture of Pohã Ñana, Guarani ancestral drink in Paraguay (01603)(0) one file for 2019-2020
27 Republic of KoreaRLYeondeunghoe, lantern lighting festival in the Republic of Korea (00882)(0) one file for 2019-2020
28 RomaniaRLTraditional music band from Romania (01594)(0) one file for 2019-2020
29 Saudi ArabiaRLKnowledge and practices related to the planting Khawlani coffee beans (01585)(0) one file for 2019-2020
30 SerbiaRLZlakusa pottery making (hand-wheel pottery making in the village of Zlakusa) (01466)(0) one file for 2019-2020
31 SingaporeRLHawker culture in Singapore, community dining and culinary practices in a multicultural urban context (01568)(0) one file for 2019-2020
32 SpainRLWine Horses (00860)(0) one file for 2019-2020
33 TunisiaRLLa pêche à la charfiya aux îles Kerkennah (01566)(0) one file for 2019-2020
34 United Arab EmiratesRLAl Aflaj, traditional irrigation network system in the UAE, oral traditions, knowledge and skills of construction, maintenance and equitable water distribution (01577)(0) one file for 2019-2020
35 ZambiaRLBudima dance (01567)(0) one file for 2019-2020
36 ColombiaUSLTraditional knowledge and techniques associated with the Pasto varnish Mopa-Mopa (01599)(i) nomination for USL
37 EgyptUSLHandmade weaving in Upper Egypt (Sa’eed) (01605)(i) nomination for USL
38 Algeria; Morocco; Mauritania; TunisiaRLLes savoirs, savoir-faire et pratiques liés à la production et à la consommation du couscous (01602)(ii) multinational nomination
39 Azerbaijan; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Uzbekistan; TurkeyRLArt of miniature (01598)(ii) multinational nomination
40 Belarus; PolandRLTree beekeeping culture (01573)(ii) multinational nomination
41 Belgium; France; Italy; LuxembourgRLL’art musical des sonneurs de trompe : une technique instrumentale liée au chant, à la maîtrise du souffle, au vibrato, à la résonance des lieux et à la convivialité (01581)(ii) multinational nomination
42 China; MalaysiaRLOng Chun/Wangchuan/Wangkang ceremony, rituals and related practices for maintaining the sustainable connection between man and the ocean (01608)(ii) multinational nomination
43 France; ItalyRLL’art de la perle de verre (01591)(ii) multinational nomination
44 France; SwitzerlandRLLes savoir-faire en mécanique horlogère et mécanique d’art (01560)(ii) multinational nomination
45 Germany; Austria; France; Norway; SwitzerlandGSPLes techniques artisanales et les pratiques coutumières des ateliers de cathédrales, ou “Bauhütten”, en Europe : savoir-faire, transmission, développement des savoirs, innovation (01558)(ii) multinational nomination
46 Indonesia; MalaysiaRLPantun (01613)(ii) multinational nomination
47 Iran (Islamic Republic of); ArmeniaRLPilgrimage to the St. Thaddeus Apostle Monastery (01571)(ii) multinational nomination
48 Iran (Islamic Republic of); Syrian Arab RepublicRLCrafting and playing the Oud (01569)(ii) multinational nomination
49 Iran (Islamic Republic of); TajikistanRLCeremony of Mehrgan (01570)(ii) multinational nomination
50 Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; TurkeyRLTraditional intelligence and strategy game: Togyzqumalaq, Toguz Korgool, Mangala/Göçürme (01597)(ii) multinational nomination
51 Malawi; ZimbabweRLArt of crafting and playing Mbira/Sansi, the finger-plucking traditional musical instrument in Malawi and Zimbabwe (01541)(ii) multinational nomination
52 Saudi Arabia; KuwaitRLTraditional weaving of Al Sadu (01586)(ii) multinational nomination
53 United Arab Emirates; OmanRLCamel racing, a social practice and a festive heritage associated with camels (01576)(ii) multinational nomination
Priority States for 2021 cycle
54 Lao People’s Democratic Republic1 elements inscribed
55 Syrian Arab Republic1 elements inscribed
56 Thailand1 elements inscribed
57 Malaysia2 elements inscribed
58 Panama2 elements inscribed
59 Philippines2 elements inscribed
60 Tajikistan2 elements inscribed
61 Turkmenistan2 elements inscribed
62 Ukraine2 elements inscribed
63 Ethiopia3 elements inscribed
64 Nigeria3 elements inscribed
65 Armenia5 elements inscribed
66 Bolivia (Plurinational State of)5 elements inscribed
67 Kenya5 elements inscribed
68 Morocco5 elements inscribed
69 Portugal5 elements inscribed
70 Uzbekistan5 elements inscribed
71 Bulgaria6 elements inscribed
72 Italy6 elements inscribed
73 Indonesia9 elements inscribed
74 Peru9 elements inscribed
75 Iran (Islamic Republic of)10 elements inscribed
76 Belgium11 elements inscribed
77 Viet Nam11 elements inscribed
78 India12 elements inscribed
79 Mongolia13 elements inscribed
80 Turkey13 elements inscribed