Periodic reporting on the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Convention provides in Article 29 that States Parties shall submit to the Committee reports on the legislative, regulatory and other measures taken for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage in their territories. Current page presents the periodic reports and deadlines of a country: Montenegro (see overview on all States Parties).

Periodic reporting on the implementation of the Convention allows States Parties to assess their implementation of the Convention, evaluate their capacities for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, report on their inventories of intangible cultural heritage and update the status of elements inscribed on the Representative List.

On the implementation of the Convention

Each State Party submits its periodic report to the Committee by 15 December of the sixth year following the year in which it deposited its instrument of ratification.

Report submitted on 15/12/2021 and examined by the Committee in 2022


soon available

Report submitted on 15/12/2017 and examined by the Committee in 2018 (originally due by 15/12/2015)


Confirmation of the Convention in 2009 and adoption of the Cultural Properties Protection Act in 2010 were necessary basic steps towards proper management of the process of protection and safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage. Following that activities, in October 2011, Ministry of Culture together with UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (Venice) had organized Community based Inventory Making of ICH Workshop, led by two UNESCO experts. Participants to the Workshop were representatives of state and local institutions in charged for the protection and the safeguarding of ICH (Ministry of Culture, Administration for the Protection of Cultural Properties, National Museum of Montenegro, local museums), and also representatives from civil society which were dealing with the projects and activities dedicated to the ICH, or were barriers of some of the elements. Based on the lessons learned after the implementation of this activity, Ministry of Culture, together with the Administration for the Protection of Cultural Properties and National Museum of Montenegro, within the Annual Programme of Protection and Preservation of Cultural Properties for 2012 had implemented project of Inventorying of ICH which was conducted in all municipalities in Montenegro.
The project engaged all available experts in this field, who had carried one month of field work on inventorying. The project resulted with Preliminary list of ICH elements which has around 200 items, and which is open for further, continuous extensions. The list was used as base for further planning of the activities, primarily for the analyses of potential cultural properties which could be added to the Register, upon the the conduction of legal procedure of the analyses of cultural values. Since the Cultural Properties Act has prescribed the same status and similar procedures for all cultural properties - moveable, immovable and intangible, the legal protection procedures were conducted for 16 intangible cultural properties until now, which are now part of the Register of Cultural Properties and one element is currently in the procedure. Among 16 intangible cultural properties it is possible to understand diversities of cultural heritage in Montenegro, since there are elements from different parts of the country and of different importance (local and national).
In March 2017 Ministry of Culture together with UNESCO II category Regional Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage from Sofia had organized another workshop dedicated to the process of preparation of Nomination file. Since the activity was planned and organized as part of the internal strategy on the ICH, the majority of the participants were the same as in the previous workshop. This workshop was a primary step towards the first nomination file that Montenegro will candidate towards UNESCO Representative List – Boka Navy. In the meanwhile, Ministry of Culture thorough the annual programmes of protection and preservation of cultural properties, and by additional modules of finance, continuously supports the activities which promote protected intangible cultural properties. ICH is set as one of the priority within the cultural policy through the National Programme of Cultural Development, as a 5 year strategic document on cultural policy. Lot of efforts were invested in public promotion of ICH and its importance though media, especially in 2014, when celebration of European Heritage Days in Montenegro was dedicated to the ICH.