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label:state(s) File Type of file Submitted for cycle
Algeria (1)Les chants sacrés des meddahates dans l'Oranie au Nord-ouest de l'Algérie (01899)USL2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)Sevdalinka, traditional urban folk song (01872)RL2022
Cambodia (1)Nom Banhchok (a tradition rice noodle) in Leung Meakh Festival (01745)RL2021
Colombia (1)Living pictures of Galeras, Sucre (01887)RL2022
Georgia (1)Tradition of Georgian Supra (feast) (01723)RL2021
Guatemala (1)Technique of elaboration of the giant kites of Santiago Sacatepéquez and Sumpango, Guatemala (01991)RL2023
Hungary (1)Csárdás dance tradition (01892)RL2022
Indonesia (3)Culture of Tempe (01970)RL2023
Culture of traditional Tenun (01971)RL2023
Reong Ponorogo performing art (01969)USL2023
Kazakhstan (2)Betashar, traditional wedding ritual (01746)RL2021
Salburyn, Kazakh festival of equestrian hunting with falcons and Tazy greyhound (01904)RL2022
Malaysia (1)Pekan Sari (01900)RL2022
Mauritania (1)L'épopée Samba Guladio (01692)RL2021
Morocco (1)Les savoirs et savoir-faire liés aux khettara d'Erachidia (01807)USL2022
Mozambique (2)Lamellophones in Mozambique (Mbira/Santse/Kalimba/Chityatya) (01995)USL2023
Xigubo (01997)USL2023
Nigeria (3)Durbar in Kano (01895)RL2022
Ito Ogbo Obosi Cultural Festival (01860)RL2022
Ikeji Masquerade Festival (02005)RL2023
Oman (1)Al Razha (01965)RL2023
Spain (1)Asturian cider culture (01959)RL2023
Tajikistan (1)Traditional folk games of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (01734)
Uzbekistan - Tajikistan
Thailand (1)Tomyum-Kung (01879)RL2022
Tunisia (1)Les arts du spectacle chez les ṭwāyef de Ghbonten (01875)RL2022
Türkiye (1)One master, thousand masters project (01561)Register2020
Uzbekistan (1)Traditional folk games of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (01734)
Uzbekistan - Tajikistan
Viet Nam (2)Craft of making Đông Hồ Folk woodblock printings (01737)USL2021
Festival of Bà Chúa Xứ Goddess at Sam Mountain (01999)RL2023
Zambia (2)Mangwengwe dance (01855)RL2022
Siyomboka dance of the Lozi people of Barotseland in Zambia (01963)RL2023