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The table below presents the list of files being treated for the 2021 cycle that are to be examined by the Committee at its sixteenth session in November/December 2021.

This list includes nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List or the Representative List, proposals for the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices and requests for International Assistance greater than US$100,000.

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Denmark - Finland - Iceland - Norway - Sweden

EN: Nordic clinker boat traditions

FR: Les traditions nordiques des bateaux à clins

Representative List

File reference: 1686

Note: inscribed

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French

27 Oct 2020
Consent of communities - Denmark (including Faroe Islands), Finland (including Åland), Iceland, Norway, Sweden:Danish//Finnish/Icelandic/Norwegian/Swedish/Faroese/Northern Sami/Kven

27 Oct 2020
ICH inventory - Denmark & Faroe Islands:Danish/Faroese/English

24 Mar 2020
ICH inventory - Finland & Åland:Finnish/Swedish/English

24 Mar 2020
ICH inventory - Iceland:Icelandic/English

24 Mar 2020
ICH inventory - Norway:Norwegian/English

24 Mar 2020
ICH inventory - Sweden:Swedish/English

24 Mar 2020
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Nordic clinker boat traditions’ (19:59):English

24 Mar 2020