Decision of the Bureau: 4.COM 2.BUR 2

The Bureau,

  1. Having examined document ITH/09/4.COM 2.BUR/2;
  2. Adopts the Agenda of its second meeting as annexed to this Decision.

 Agenda of the second 4.COM Bureau meeting

Agenda item:



Opening of the meeting



Adoption of the agenda

ITH/09/4.COM 2.BUR/2


Evaluation of International Assistance requests less than USD 25,000 (deadline for submission of request: at any time)

ITH/09/4.COM 2.BUR/3


Selection of examiners for 2009 Urgent Safeguarding List nominations (Decision 3.COM 10) (deadline for submission of nominations: 15 March 2009 for the nominations and 15 April 2009 for additional information)

ITH/09/4.COM 2.BUR/4


Selection of examiners for International Assistance requests equal or greater than USD 25,000 (deadline for submission of request: 1 May 2009)



Closing of the meeting


Information documents:

Report by the Chairperson of the first 4.COM Bureau meeting of 17 December 2008

ITH/09/4.COM 2.BUR/INF.1

Provisional agenda and timetable of the fourth session of the Committee 4. COM (Abu Dhabi, 28 September -

2 October 2009)

ITH/09/4.COM 2.BUR/INF.2