3rd session of the Intergovernmental Committee (Istanbul, 2008)

3.COM 1 Opening of the session

Incorporation of items proclaimed Masterpieces in the Representative List

3.COM 2 Adoption of the agenda
3.COM 3 Replacement of the Rapporteur
3.COM 4 Admission of observers to the present session
3.COM 5 Adoption of the Summary Records of the second extraordinary and the third extraordinary sessions of the Committee
3.COM 6 Draft Operational Directives for the use of the emblem of the Convention
3.COM 7 Draft Operational Directives on visibility
3.COM 8 Draft Operational Directives on the means to increase the resources of the Intangible Heritage Fund
3.COM 9 Accreditation of non-governmental organizations
3.COM 10 Procedure for the examination of nomination files for the Urgent Safeguarding List and international assistance requests
3.COM 11 Establishment of the subsidiary body for the examination of nominations for the Representative List
3.COM 12 Issue of admission of observers
3.COM 13 Date and venue of the next session of the Committee
3.COM 14 Election of the members of the Bureau of the fourth session of the Committee