Bakhshi Art International Festival
٠٥/٠٤/٢٠١٩ - ١٠/٠٤/٢٠١٩Termez, Surkhondaryo Region
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan (أوزبكستان)

The Bakhshi Art International Festival was initiated with main objectives to safeguard storytelling oral traditions, to promote intercultural dialogue, to preserve and develop cultural diversity through supporting creativity. The programme of the Festival includes organization of scientific, educational and cultural events devoted to the manifestation and safeguarding of bakhshi art (epic storytelling) and its transmission on the future generations.

Maqom Art International Forum
٠٦/٠٩/٢٠١٨ - ١٠/٠٦/٢٠١٨Shakhrisyabz, Qashqadaryo Region
Uzbek Maqom Art National Center (أوزبكستان)

The main objective of the Forum is to promote safeguarding of diversity of the maqom art traditional performances worldwide. The expected outcomes of the Forum are raising broad public awareness on maqom-related traditional culture within contemporary context, transmitting maqom art culture to the young generation, supporting diversity and creativity of maqom music performances, developing futher academic studies and publications on maqom music traditions, encouraging of creation of maqom learning traditional (master-apprentice) schools for ICH bearers, world-wide networking between ICH bearers and scholars. Starting from 2018, Maqom Art International Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) will be organized biennually in Shakhrisyabz in September. The Forum will be supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, municipality of the Shakhrisyabz, local NGO’s and private sector.The Forum will consist of following events: (1) Scientific Conference “Maqom Music Art in Contemporary Context” in cooperation with Maqam Study Group of the International Council of Traditional Music; (2) Master classes on maqom performances of ICH bearers from various countries; (3) Contest of young performers (vocal and instrumental, solo and group) of maqom musical art; (4) Exibition of publications and musical instruments related with maqom art; (5) Press-conferences, TV and radio programs with ICH bearers; (6) Maqom poetry meetings. The Government of Uzbekistan will cover local expenses of ICH bearers and maqom groups from foreign countries based on their online registration through