Nurturing sustainable development through the safeguarding of living heritage

  • ٢٨ يناير، ٢٠١٤
Great Troças Parade. Recife
Great Troças Parade. Recife
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A virtual exhibition illustrating the role Intangible Cultural Heritage plays in sustainable development is now online. Its message is that culture is a fundamental enabler of sustainability, a source of meaning and energy, a wellspring of creativity and innovation, and a resource to address challenges and find appropriate solutions.

It features examples from different parts of the world (Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, Kenya, Samoa and Spain) highlight how intangible cultural heritage contributes to health, food security, social cohesion and other development goals.

The exhibition was made possible through the generous contributions of Monaco and Turkey.

Should you be interested in mounting the physical exhibition or receiving a copy of the virtual exhibition, please contact the Intangible Cultural Heritage Section at the following address: