Mr. Jalaghania was actively involved in the pilot project ‘community-based inventorying of ICH in Old Tbilisi’ and was able to share his experiences via digital platforms through the support of local team despite the restrictions faced during the pandemic.

19 June: enjoy ICH stories from the Old Tbilisi by joining the public presentation

١٥ يونيو، ٢٠٢١ –  جورجيا,

As part of a global project focusing on Living Heritage in cities, 7-months of activities conducted in Tbilisi are coming to an end. For the occasion, 20 short videos featuring the Living Heritage stories in Old Tbilisi, presented by the bearers will be screened on 19 June at a public presentation to be held at the Upper Bethlemi Church Terrace in Tbilisi. The public presentation will be take place from 7pm until 10pm (Tbilisi time) and will be live streamed on Facebook. ›››

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